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We're going to try something out. Each week, as long as you like it, The Climate Pod will be sending out The Climate Weekly, a look at what's driving the conversation on climate change and climate action. It'll be written and curated by the hosts of The Climate Pod, Ty and Brock Benefiel. In fact, we actually put up the Substack newsletter in September, not sure if anyone would ever sign up to receive it. But then people did, so we felt like it would be a good idea to put something good together and start sending it.

And now it's live! Check out our first post on what we think might be some of the biggest climate action questions in the United States and abroad in 2021. Make sure to subscribe ASAP below and let us know what you think. Your feedback will go a long way in determining how we shape the newsletter and if we keep it going all year long. Thanks as always for checking it out!

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